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Answers for an Andromedan

On the site there is a series of weird questions allegedly from one alien (visit the 'Alex Collier section').

In the film 'Dark Star', the smart bomb argues with one of the crew about existence, why should the bomb bother to listen to the crew member when he (i.e. the bomb) cannot be sure that the crew member really exists? The bomb can only be sure of its own existence.  The crew member replies that it doesn't matter where the questions he is posing actually come from, the questions are still valid.

Well, I have my doubts as to the meaning of the "alien's" questions.  But playing the game and for the time being entertaining the idea that 'We each create our own universe', here are some attempts at answers to the "alien's" questions. It may surprise you that I am taking these questions seriously.

Q: How does one create self?
A: I don't create myself, or more accurately if I am creating myself then I am not aware of that process.  However, I do consciously change the way I am through noticing changes, deciding which ones I do not like and which ones I do like and want to keep and build on.
Q: In healing your planetary wounds, what are the first 3 steps?
  1. Learn about pain, healing and growth 
  2. Take action in the areas you understand sufficiently
  3. Share knowledge of success and failure without distorting.    
Q: Please tell us how your planet will continue to flourish, if you sabotage the minds of your children?
A: You are asking how can x = -x? The answer is only if x = 0.  From my perspective that hardly constitutes 'flourishing', so the question has no valid answer.
Q: How will you create another domain of thinking, if you won't think multi-dimensionally?
A: I believe one can learn enough sensitivity to thought to make it work better from the inside.  It seems important to learn about thought in simpler (safer) 'every-day' contexts first.  This will not so much result in a new domain for thinking, rather a deeper or more intense use of the domain we/I know.
Q: How do you as a human being, define Self-Responsiblity?
A: As a human being I define self responsibility as telling the truth to oneself and others; also part of the 'responsibility' is that life is to be enjoyed and that enjoyment is to be shared.
Q: The issue on your planet is not overcoming anything; its about becoming what you are intentionally creating. What are you creating?
A: At the moment I see too much damaging stress and I am working to keep it away or to change it.  I don't have the perspective to see beyond that, but hope that in time this action will give me that perspective.  If I am creating anything, it is an emotional oasis from which I and others can make good choices about 'what next'.

If you want to follow this weird outlook up, then here is a link to the trufax page of Questions and Answers.

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