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Letter On Genetically Modified Organisms


2nd September 1998,
Dublin, Ireland.

Environment Policy Section,
Department of the Environment & Local Government,
Custom House,
Dublin 1.


Re: Genetically Modified Organisms and the Environment, Public Consultation.


Dear Sir,


Following publication of the 'Consultation Paper on Genetically Modified Organisms and the Environment' I would like to make the following points as part of the consultation process:

  1. Ireland has a reputation as an ecologically friendly country. Dairy and meat exports benefit from this image. This image could be eroded or possibly even destroyed by acceptance of GMOs in Ireland.

  2. Developers of GMOs may be keen to test their products in Ireland precisely to benefit from the environmental image.
  3. Research on environmental effects of genetically modified plants expressing foreign insect resistance toxins will also need to consider the effect of these toxins on natural predators of these insects, including predators which are insects. This does not currently appear to be part of the intended impact assessment.

  4. The difficulty of proving an organism is a GMO could in effect remove choice from consumers wishing to opt out. To use an analogy, it may be as difficult and expensive to prove that a given organism is a GMO, where the precise modification is not known in advance, as to prove that a given athlete has used performance enhancing drugs where there is doubt as to what drugs have been used. GMOs do not necessarily introduce readily identifiable foreign genes, rather they may modify expression of existing genes.

  5. GMMs for delivery of antigens for vaccination using modified Lactococcus lactis run the risk of additionally causing an unintended immune reaction against that bacterium. This in turn could lead to widespread milk intolerance with disastrous effect on Ireland's dairy industry.

  6. Research into GMMs and GMOs for agricultural purposes provides 'free' R&D for biological warfare.

Yours sincerely,


James Crook, Phd.

(Doctorate for Research in Molecular Biology, DNA Comparisons, Edinburgh University, 1991)

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