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Thinking Hertz - Frequently Asked Questions

The alt.thinking.hurts FAQ gives a humorous list of the things which alt.thinking.hurts is not for or about.  Alt.thinking.hurts is not a newsgroup for people with headaches, nor is it a newsgroup for people who would rather someone else did all their thinking for them... the list goes on.

I found the alt.thinking.hurts site.  It didn't hurt my head, but I found myself clicking on loads of interesting sounding links.  I saw a chance to adapt the format and put something on the web with similar humour and rather more detail.  I liked the name.  I liked the layout of alt.thinking.hurts too, so I stole the idea and made some modifications......   

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there really an alt.thinking.hertz newsgroup?
A: Not to my knowledge.  If there is it was set up by someone else.

Q: Can you add a link to my site from your alt.thinking.hertz page(s)?
A: Perhaps so. E-mail me your URL and tell me a bit more with your e-mail.

Q: Can I re-use some of your graphics?
A: If the image is one I created then yes, but ask first by e-mail.

Q: Is the piece about xxx real or is it just a spoof?
A: Hmmm.

Q: Where can I find more stuff like this?
A: Good question.

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