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Two Mandalas

These two mandalas are pictorial representation of experiences I had at a workshop on memories. As part off the workshop we drew the mandalas whilst the experiences were still fresh in our minds.

The mandala on the right represents a stage some time before birth - the maze pattern is reflecting a sense of 'having gone the wrong way' and there perhaps being 'no way out'.

The square pattern in the centre is resisting being crushed by the patterns on left and right.

The mandala on the left shows that 'there is light at the end of the tunnel'.

However, the route out is still partly obstructed by the demon's nose (which anatomically could be the coccyx)

A third pattern related to early memories is in the topic on  life before birth .

The workshop experiences have lead me to look again at the story of 'The Garden of Eden', reading it as potentially also being a description using analogy of knowledge about birth.  I've written more about this in the section on future proofing the bible .

alt.thinking.hertz •Mandalas •
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