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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Papa?
A: Papa is an Apa, it's both a magazine and a group of people (currently 18 in all) who write for and read the magazine.

Q: What is an Apa?
A: An Apa is an "Amateur Press Association". It's a voluntary, not-for-profit, organisation. Apa's have magazines (also called 'zines') which are usually 'published' by photocopying.

Q: How does Papa Work?
A: Papa has a publication deadline every two months. Contribs (i.e. contributions) are sent to the 'administrator' (currently James and Bobby ) who makes copies for all members, binds and posts back.

Every contrib needs to have some comment on the contents of the previous issue. As a result with each issue you also get reactions from several people to your work. Hopefully some at least of these comments are helpful, encouraging or pointing out problems in the writing, ways to improve. Papa has an ethos of 'no holds barred', in comments on work. The comments can get quite caustic. Other apas are perhaps a little gentler on the contibuters.

Q: How much does Papa cost?
A: Currently Papa costs 20 pounds for one year, i.e. 6 issues, including postage. The costs are split equally between members, so if there are Papa members in America or Australia, they pay the same as someone in Dublin or in the U.K.

Q: How do I find out more?
A: Send an e-mail to

There are also detailed rules and regulations online, if you want the administrative details.

Click here to see the cover of a recent Papa: (actually it's not so recent. We're now up to Papa 96, but issue 86's cover is scanned in and in gif format and 96's isn't)

Papa No 86 (cover)

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