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Papa Rules and Regulations

1. Frequency: Bi-Monthly on even months. Distribution to take place at, or as near as possible to, the "Ton" meeting on the first Thursday of the month. The deadline for contributions is two weeks before that meeting.
2. Format: Format for contributions should be A4. Margins are 1" all edges. The contributor's name must appear on all contributions except covers.

1" is 2.5 cm. Margins any narrower than that are at your own risk. We cannot guarantee to put contribs with wide inner margins and narrow outer margins so that they start on an odd page, so if you do your contrib that way the 'outside' may disappear into the margin. Good clear initial copies help; multiply folded contribs don't lie flat on the copier and tend to go blurry, so you may wish to use an A5 or A4 envelope.

3. Money:
  1. Membership costs are set annually by the administrator, currently 20.
  2. All monies must be paid in advance.
  3. All charges are split equally between members, including postal charges for overseas members.
  4. Shortfalls in funds may be made up at the administrator's discretion by a supplementary levy. The full charge will be payable by all current members.
  5. In case of such a supplementary charge the administrator will publish interim accounts to justify it.
  6. Substantial residual funds thus generated will be returned to renewing members at the year's end in the form of a pro-rata reduction in the yearly subscription.
  7. People on the waiting list may subscribe at the full rate and receive issues, but have no other membership rights.
  8. Members who have contributed may receive all the copies they have paid for, regardless of their further activity.
4. Contributions:
  1. Members must provide contributions for a minimum of four out of six issues in a year. If a lack of contributions makes it clear that minac (="minimum activity") is impossible over a calendar year or part year, active membership ceases at that point.
  2. To count towards minac, a contribution must consist of at least two sides including some mailing comments, or a cover.
5. Numbers: Membership is limited to twenty-five.
6. Democratic procedure:
  1. The administrator will organise an annual general meeting each year at the Eastercon. The post of administrator will be voted on once a year at the AGM. Candidates for administrator must be nominated by two members. An incumbent administrator may be voted out by 75% of the membership.
  2. New rules must have a proposer and two seconders before being formally discussed at a meeting. This meeting will take place at a convention with one mailing's notice - but see rule 10.
  3. Following formal discussion a proposed rule change will be voted upon at the meeting. Unless the vote approves the rule change unopposed or by a majority of the entire membership, and a separate vote agrees, unopposed or by a majority of the entire membership, that the change requires immediate effect, the minutes of the meeting will record a summary of the discussion and the motion will be voted on by post, all votes to arrive by the deadline of the third meeting following the meeting. Any vote cast at the meeting will be recorded and counted, unless a voter changes their vote in the light of subsequent discussion. The administrator will publish the vote of each member as soon as is practical.
  4. A quorum is one third of the membership except where already noted.
  5. A majority vote of one is decisive.
  6. A rule which has been voted out may be reproposed after three mailings, when it would be treated as a new rule.
7. DNQ: There is no DNQ (="Do Not Quote"), which means that no part of any contribution can be considered confidential.
8. Eligibility:
  1. Membership may be lost by a majority vote of current members in order to let in a new member.
  2. Lapsed members may rejoin after four months, subject to rule 5.
9. Proxies: Members unable to attend a meeting may elect a person to cast a proxy vote either
  1. on a specific issue as notified under the terms of rule 6, or
  2. as the holder of the proxy sees fit.
The type of proxy should be clearly specified to the administrator before voting takes place.
10. Rule Proposals at AGM: At the AGM proposals for new rules may be taken from the floor. However the other requirements of rule 6b must be satisfied.
11. Disclaimer: Every issue of Papa shall contain a disclaimer of editorial responsibility.

Every Issue also contains a copyright notice, "copyright on each contrib. is retained by its contributor", but that's not (yet) been made into a formal rule.

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