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A Puzzle on Alphabet Street

You've probably seen many logic puzzles like the one below.  My sister had a book full of them.  The ones in the book were the kind that once you made some kind of a start into them they unravelled like a piece of fraying cloth.  They were fun - but it struck me that a suitably fiendish puzzle maker could make the puzzles an awful lot harder.  

Some years passed and the thought came back.  I realised then that perhaps I was now a suitably fiendish puzzle maker, and this is the result.  Enjoy...

In the following puzzle, 'lives on the right/left' is to be taken to mean on the immediate right/left.

  1. Alphabet Street has eight houses in a row. A different person lives in each house. Each person has a different job and a different pet.
  2. The architect has an anaconda and lives on the right of the dentist.

  3. The butcher has a budgie and lives on the left of the hairdresser.

  4. The engineer has an elephant(!) and lives on the right of the gynaecologist.

  5. The carpenter has a cat and lives on the left of the fisherman.

  6. Mr Hardy lives next door to Mr Donaldson.

  7. Henry has a hamster and lives on the left of the gerbil owner.

  8. David has a dog and lives on the right of the falcon owner.

  9. Charles Cartwright lives on the right of Mr Farrel.

  10. Arnold Aspen lives on the left of Frank.

  11. Edward Epstein lives on the left of Mr Greene.

  12. Bill Bailey lives on the right of Graham.

  13. The person who owns a budgie is a good friend of the person who owns a cat.

Give the first names of two friends who live on Alphabet street.

I will post e-mail addresses of the first ten solvers to e-mail me, (unless they wish to remain anonymous!) here:

01 Greg Schmidt  
02 Kevin Carey  
03 Eddy Carroll
04 Bobby MacLaughlin
05 Glenn Schoen
06 Sauls Clint

Puzzle by James Crook .
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