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James Crook

James Crook Born 6-Nov-1963, Cambridge. Living in Dublin with Bobby MacLaughlin ; Before coming to live and work in Dublin I was a graduate student in Edinburgh and Cambridge.
I am a mathematician, real-time programmer, molecular biologist, integrated circuit designer & animator. I also like garlic.
Outside of work I enjoy football (playing rather than watching), writing for an Amateur Press Association, attending Science Fiction conventions and workshops on Muscle Effect Therapy and on CCI Co-Counselling.

My Pages

On my part of the website I maintain The Tech Index . These tech pages reflect my technical interests - such as how to write extreme-optimised software and topics in how biological systems are 'designed'.  The pages are there as an open invitation for you to contact me by e-mail, if you share an interest in the topics.
The alt.thinking.hertz section is altogether more quirky. Articles in alt.thinking.hertz explore concerns I have about pollution, an interest in mandalas and software for the mind. It's meant to be fun to browse and click about in even if your world view is very different to mine, and I hope you will enjoy some of the links.

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